Destination: Punta Gorda

Wyvern HotelNestled in the tranquil waters of Charlotte Harbor is the picturesque coastal haven, Punta Gorda. Punta Gorda has a rich history dating back to the 1900s. Once a major shipping port, Punta Gorda’s esplanade developed into a prestigious living quarter for prominent business men. Ravaged by Hurricane Charley in 2004, downtown Punta Gorda has been rebuilt in the last decade. Charming accents, vibrant architecture and new amenities compliment its 19th century cottage homes and vintage brick streets. Many of the area’s homes are still standing and have been restored to their former glory.

Traditional Florida palms line the waterfront near Fisherman’s Village, one of Punta Gorda’s signature stops for shopping, dining and sightseeing. Additionally, Punta Gorda’s parks are complimentary to the area. Dedicated residents have personally invested in the city’s natural landscape by volunteering time and by urging the city to match their efforts. Punta Gorda’s nature trails are not only beautifully manicured, but preserved for wildlife with butterfly and sensory gardens that house rare plant species such as “The Miracle Fruit.”

The Perfect CaperPunta Gorda’s arts and culture scene is also flourishing. The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, the Wine and Jazz Festival and several art expos are all sensational events on Punta Gorda’s calendar. The Florida International Air show is also a highlight, and deservedly, Punta Gorda was named one of the U.S’s Best Yachting destinations in 2011. The Military Heritage Museum and the Blanchard House showcase original artifacts and paint an accurate picture of early life in Punta Gorda.
Punta Gorda blends classic Florida architecture with modern visual flair. Add Punta Gorda’s cultural and artistic scene to the already magnificent foundation and you have the perfect multi-themed destination.

Babcock Wilderness Swamp BuggyWhat To Eat:
An interesting fusion of French and Asian fare, The Perfect Caper’s private and terrace dining features dishes created by the owner with organic ingredients.

What To Do:
Enjoy the true essence of Florida wildlife on the Babcock Wilderness Adventures tour. The 90-minute swamp buggy tour explores Florida’s natural ecosystem. By reservation only.

Where To Stay:
The Wyvern is a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of historic downtown. With panoramic views of the harbor, the Wyvern offers select, executive suites with a Jacuzzi.

Wyvern Hotel Room