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Four months after launching its website, the property portal presents a new section for holiday rentals.

The rental section is a result of listening to our partner agents. Many of the property agents in sunny countries work with both sales and rental. The development of the rental sections started more or less immediately after the launch of the property portal in late September 2010, according to Reidar Svedahl, CEO.

Now it?s time for us to broaden our horizons to include rentals instead of solely focusing on the market for buying and selling properties in sunny countries, Reidar Svedahl continued.

The demand for rentals is increasing very strongly in Europe now. Low-cost carriers have started to fly to a lot of new destinations in Europe. Traditional airlines are trying to match the low prices, and the result is that people now have a lot of new places to visit at prices that are less the half of what regular airline tickets used to cost. These people, many times experienced travellers, manage to go on their own, and they like the freedom that rentals give them both in size, location and flexibility in length of stay.

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