Marketing & Design Services Expands Into Custom Tags

Marketing & Design Services Expands Into Custom Tags

SARASOTA, FLORIDA – Imagine seeing a home for sale in a magazine and accessing information about the home simply by scanning a bar code on the ad with your mobile phone. That technology, called a “tag,” is now being used on ads, posters, product packages, billboards and other marketing materials in a variety of industries.

Marketing & Design Services has expanded into custom tags, allowing your logo or other image to be customized into the tag “bar code” design.

When your customers scan your tag on their cell phones, they automatically access a web page of your choice promoting your products and services. Or, you can have the tag display a message on their phone, add a contact to their address book, or dial a number.

“Tag technology is changing the way customers access information,” said Debbie Zaroba of Marketing & Design Services. “Customers can access your message on the run without having to type in a web address. They can download your restaurant menu, view a virtual tour of your listed home, download coupons or get a rebate. The applications are numerous.”

The tag reader is available through Microsoft and is compatible for Internet-capable mobile devices, including many based on the Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Java, Android, Symbian S60, iPhone and Java ME platforms. Customers simply download the Microsoft application and save it to their phones.

Marketing & Design Services is offering custom tags for $50 if you already have a logo; the logo design is extra. Zaroba can be reached at (941) 371-3434 or Website:

Debbie Zaroba

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