Outdoor Living

Backyards are no longer simply a space to trim and mow with some minimal shrubs and trees. Today’s backyards have transformed into grand entertainment areas, extending the living room vibe into the backyard. Luxurious amenities mixed with classic and modern architectural design create an instant extension of a home’s cozy interiors. The result is an appealing and tranquil space, perfect for year-round entertaining with friends and family, or hosting an intimate dinner for two.

One of the best parts of living in Florida is enjoying its year-round perfect weather. Whether your home is waterfront or suburban living, you can create the ideal backyard oasis. Start with a statement of architectural design, whether modern or classic, to build a tranquil space. Pergolas adorned with lush landscaping and flowers flourish in the brilliant sunshine around a pool or garden area, while adde decorative archways and columns give a royal feel to backyard entranceways. Architectural design marries with outdoor amenities to create a space perfect for a variety of activities, whether enjoying a dip in the pool, reading a good book, or an intimate dinner.

Luxury waterfront homes embrace the health and wellness restorative powers associated with water, taking advantage of the spectacular views from beach or lakefront property. The result is a perfect spot for a backyard cabana, poolside deck or sunny porch surrounded by lush landscaping.

Classic resort-style pools reflect the beauty of the surrounding spaces and landscapes, and can transform from sparkling turquoise waters by day to glowing dramatic shimmering waters by night. An infinity or vanishing edge pool with a perimeter overflow allows for cascading waterfalls to create a rhythmic flow of water. Rimless, knife-edge designs are gorgeous builds that mesmerizes with serene, mirror-like surfaces. A narrow drain around the pool allows water to flow evenly over the edges, creating a smooth surface flush with its surroundings. Homesites blessed with an incline, a rarity in Florida but easily created, have the option of installing a transparent glass wall to step up the design, revealing breathtaking views of inviting blue water.

Additional pool trends show off in shallows, with Baja ledges that invite chic chaise lounges, umbrella sleeves, and even bubbles. Some designs include LED lighting, creating pretty nighttime blinks like charming marine fireflies. Others rim underwater steps or line above-water ledges with a soothing glow that gives pools an ethereal quality that inspires a relaxing indulge.


Saltwater pools are enhancing many new outdoor designs, employing salt as opposed to chlorine to treat the pool. Eliminating the need to keep a storage of chlorine, these pools are inviting and more appealing to swimmers. A water treatment option gaining acclaim is UV treatment, using ultraviolet light to make gorgeous, sparkling water that is free of chemical byproducts.

Pool decks surrounding the water have taken on a creative custom look, using elegant glass tiles, charming seashells, or three-dimensional beads in the aggregate matrix to add texture, interest, and style. With a product called BeadCrete® from PebbleTec, the effect is almost jewel-like as light reflects off the rounded glass beads.

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A covered pool deck or exterior living/dining space creates an extension of the home that can be used for relaxation or dining. The flooring and well-appointed furnishings create a luxurious space, with open walls on all sides to allow the afternoon sea breezes to blow through. A gourmet chef summer kitchen includes every modern convenience, such as weather-proof cabinets, dishwashers, lockable refrigerators and wine cellars, freezers, and drink drawers, enabling you to keep it stocked with all the important staples, ready to turn festive at a moment’s notice.


The addition of fire pits have become welcome centerpieces in outdoor living arrangements. A Tuscany-inspired fire table marries form with function. Nested into the middle of a dining surface, fitted with protective rims, fire tables are suitable for use by younger children under adult supervision. Others are open flame with gorgeous artistic lines echoing fine sculpture. Intended as evening inspiration while keeping guests warm and informed, the light directs footsteps on the path, simultaneously providing a gentle, romantic glow. Another option is to transform a corner of the yard into a conversation pit, surrounded by Adirondack chairs and trees adorned with decorative lighting.

Taking fire in a dramatic new direction, outdoor designers are inviting it to dance with water in artistic features designed to truly enchant. Linear fire pits along pool edges, or elegant fire bowls placed at strategic intervals, can be programmed to fire up gently, or shoot the moon with color and flame, all by the touch of a remote button. From solid concrete or granite, to artistic metals and colors, the fire bases can reflect your personal style, and burn with the flame you design.

Entertaining with ease, reveling in all the benefits that come with Florida’s delightful climate, these home project strategies earn five-star status and enviable reviews. Create the ultimate satisfaction of extending your living space with the perfect outdoor enclave.