The Golden Rules to Handing Over Your Home to New Buyers

The best GOLDEN rule is to leave your property in the condition you would like to be see if you were stepping into a home you’d just purchased.

  1. Remove all personal property, including items you’re going to throw out
    Schedule bulk trash pick up to occur before closing day (no bulk trash at curb on closing day)
  2. Vacuum and sweep floors
  3. Clean the kitchen appliances, inside the refrigerator and stove, wipe down the counters, scrub the sinks and showers
  4. Clean out the garage – including toxic items and other items you’re going to throw out
  5. Make a list of any items pertaining to the property – extra flooring, paint cans, roofing materials, etc. Have an inquiry sent to the buyers to see if they want to keep those items or if they’d like you to dispose of them 
  6. Manuals, warranties or guides for items staying within the home should remain in the home
  7. Maintenance schedule should remain in the home
  8. Yard should be freshly mowed on closing day
  9. Contact utility company to have the utilities off/out of your name as of the day of closing
  10. One front door key should be brought to closing; all other keys should be left in the kitchen of the home
  11. Be sure to leave all garage door openers and remotes for fans/lights in the kitchen
  12. If your mailbox has a key, leave the key and mailbox number (if applicable) in the kitchen
  13. If you have an assigned parking spot, be sure to convey the spot number 
  14. Cancel your Homeowners Insurance to coincide with the closing date; make sure to provide your new mailing address for your refund check
  15. Update your address and forward your mail. Leave your forwarding address with the new buyers (for mail, deliveries, etc.)
  16. Consider leaving a note with trash/recycle day. You may want to leave a congratulatory card or bottle of sparkling wine or juice
  17. Maintenance professionals contact info. In a note, include the names and contact info for any maintenance professionals such as the pool guy, landscaping company or pest control people that you use.